camera in roses
Circle of Roses
by Simply Hue

I had such a nice day yesterday. I spent most of the day at a wedding inspiration photo shoot and got to meet some lovely and talented local vendors. I can’t wait to tell you all about the shoot and show you the gorgeous results but I’ll have to be patient (not my forte) until the magazine is published.

Speaking of photography (but of the most definitely amateur kind) I got a new camera for my birthday! We’ve been really happy with our compact camera (Panasonic DMC-TZ6 if you’re curious) for our travel and personal photos, but its limitations for product and interior shots quickly became evident. After much deliberation, I chose the Canon 600D SLR.

I actually used to own an SLR but at the time I bought it (2004ish), digital cameras were new and prohibitively expensive so it was a film camera. It took beautiful photos but the convenience of a compact digital eventually won out. Even though I knew how to use an SLR, I was lazy and didn’t really put that knowledge to good use, but I am determined to go manual this time.

There will still be some photos from the old camera in upcoming posts that I’ve already scheduled, plus it will take me some time to learn how to use the new camera so please bear with me. But eventually I hope that the photography on Atypical Type A and Akimbo will be significantly improved.

Are there any keen photographers out there who have any advice for those of us just getting started (or, in my case, getting back on the horse)?

Akimbo birthday sale

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