Never mind baking, cupcake liners are a cheap and versatile craft supply. Check out some of these creative ideas:


Handmade Weddings pom poms
Handmade Weddings

Vlinspiratie garland

One Charming Party cupcake wrapper garland
One Charming Party

String light covers

Real Simple cupcake liner string lightsCupcake liner string lightsReal Simple | Rachael Ray


Intimate weddings bouquet Oh Hello Friend flower
Intimate Weddings | Oh Hello Friend

Pom poms

Martha Stewart pom ballsEmmaline Bride pom ballMartha Stewart | Kara’s Party Ideas via Emmaline Bride


Twig & Thistle cupcake liner tree
Twig & Thistle


Marry You Me wreath
Friday’s Child


DIY cupcake liner artworkDo It Yourself

Fortune cookies

paper fortune cookiesFamily Fun

Jar covers

The Kitchn jar coversGift jar coversThe Kitchn | Better Homes & Gardens

Gift toppers

Intimate Weddings gift topper

Sweet Paul gift topperMartha Stewart | Sweet Paul

Akimbo birthday sale

Check out examples of my work or drop me a line to enquire or place your order.


5 Responses

  • Oooo!!!!! I collect these for future cupcake projects but I love the ones that look like fortune cookies! I also love them as tops of jars!! =) Ooo

    Melanie’s Randomness

  • The Man

    I never thought cupcake liners could be so versatile…

  • Adelina

    I’ll never look at cupcake liner the same again! Who would have thought such a simple thing could yield so many wonderful artworks?!

    Thanks for sharing and for posting!

  • Please credit the pink cupcake liner pomander to Kara’s Party Ideas, as Emmiline Bride did not ask permission to post the tutorial. The original tutorial can be found here:

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Amber, thanks so much for providing the correct credit info, I’ve now updated the post. You have a beautiful blog, by the way!

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