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It was my birthday last week and it’s The Man’s birthday today (he’s my toyboy by all of six days). And you know what that means? Party time!

I often hear people say that their homes are too small to have parties. Our townhouse is very small but we’ve had parties of over forty people. Sure it was squashy but that just gave it fantastic atmosphere!

Here are some things I’ve learned and will keep in mind when preparing for our party this weekend:

Place decorations overhead and on walls rather than take up valuable surface space with table arrangements.

Rearrange your furniture to open up the space. We’ll be moving our couch and dining table up against the wall to ease congestion.

Use decorations that are also functional such as attractive buffets and menus.

Place food platters throughout the space so guests can spread out instead of all congregating around the snack table.

Don’t clutter up the entryway with coats and handbags – designate an out-of-the-way spot such as under the stairs or on your bed.

Think outside the fridge. A small home usually means a small fridge, so you may need to fill your laundry tub or bath with ice to chill drinks.

Accept that guests will spread outside the living room, so make sure the rest of the house is tidy too. We always end up with people in the courtyard, the kitchen, even the laundry.

Put away breakables as people are more likely to bump into things in a crowded space. I know this from experience.

Have you got a tip for entertaining in a small space?

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  • I am simultaneously enthralled and petrified of the idea of having entertaining at my home. The only parties I’ve ever held were several years ago when I was still a dumb kid and had other dumb kids over to drink. I’m only 24 but I definitely don’t want that kind of a party anymore. I always love party inspiration that I find on the web but have yet to find the courage to plan an event myself. And part of that is because I do in fact have a fairly small space. Hopefully one day I’ll make it work! Thank you for the tips!

    • If they’re not dumb kids anymore you’ll be fine! Oh, and maybe start with just smaller parties til you find your hostess feet.

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