As mentioned earlier, The Man and I threw a party for our birthdays (no, not an important number but an annual excuse for a party!). We asked everyone to bring some cocktail ingredients and we shook up a storm.

cocktail party 5

cocktail party 6 cocktail party 7

(Oh my, I am in love with my new camera.)

cocktail party 2

Here’s the invitation (which I previewed in this mood board). There’s a full collection to go with it, which I’ll be officially launching on the 30th.

cocktail party 8

Next week I’ll also be showing how to adapt the theme for a cocktail-themed hen’s party over on Polka Dot Bride. Come back then for more photos and projects.

Now, there were also supposed to be some cute cake pops amongst these photos. Guests were supposed to ooh over the tasty chocolate filling and aah over the adorable pink sprinkles. Except that they were a. complete. disaster. I’m not exaggerating: they looked like poo on a stick. Care to make me feel better by sharing one of your own baking mishaps?


3 Responses

  • I’ve wanted to try cake pops, but they sort of intimidate me. I’m sure I’d end up with the same results you did!

    • I must tweak the recipe and try again!

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