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I hoard wrapping paper. It’s just too pretty to throw away after one use. But there’s only so much you need to keep for wrapping presents, so what to do with the rest?

Frame it for instant art or use it as a mat for a framed photo.

Use as a placemat or stick pieces together for a table runner.

Cover shoeboxes, pencil tins and magazine files to make attractive office storage.

Cover books or notebooks that have boring spines.

Line drawers and shelves in your dresser, closet or pantry.

Decoupage a frame, tray or set of coasters.

Make into gift tags by adding a card backing and string.

Use for paper crafts such as garlands, wreaths or origami.

Do you keep wrapping paper? If so, what do you use it for?

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4 Responses

  • I collect new wrapping paper haha. If I find a print I love I buy two rolls because if I buy just one I can never bring myself to use it. I will sometimes use it to line my dresser drawers, it stays put really well by itself and it’s easy to change. I may have to replace the hideous wall paper being used as a liner in my kitchen cabinets.

    I wish I had some of that gold fish paper!

    • I know, sometimes it’s just too good to give away 😉 I love using it to line drawers too. It’s also good for covering shoeboxes to make into attractive storage boxes.

  • Those are all really good ideas to use wrapping paper! I actually stopped buying wrapping paper, though, so I’d have to go out and get some to try those out. I usually make my own wrapping paper now:

    • Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Katherine.

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