Regency birthday card
Birthday card from Akimbo

Don’t you hate that sinking feeling when you remember someone’s birthday… which was two days ago?

Here are some methods to consider if you use the word ‘belated’ in your birthday wishes more often than not.

Birthday book
A cute notebook listing birthdays by month. Convenient if you keep it with your cards and wrapping supplies… but only if you remember to actually check it.

Yearly diary/calendar
Take your birthday book or last year’s diary and copy out all the important dates. Great if you are in the habit of using your diary or calendar daily.

Perpetual calendar
If you like the idea of a paper-based solution but don’t want to have to re-write them every year or know you’ll never remember to look at your birthday book, try a perpetual calendar (one that has dates but no year or days of the week). Keep it somewhere in plain sight (such as the kitchen or study) so with a passing glance you’ll know what’s coming up (and the family will have no excuse not to remember your birthday).

Or, if you think pen and paper is virtually medieval, here are some electronic options:

This works OK for acquiantances but for family and close friends you’ll probably want more notice to give yourself enough time to send a card or buy a gift. And of course it’s useless for your nanna and baby nephew who don’t have profiles. (Sidenote: Before Facebook I used to get credit for remembering friend’s birthdays, now everyone they know gets an automatic reminder. So ripped off!)

Use a reminder system such as Remember the Milk on your phone or online.

Use your mail system’s calendar to enter birthdays to repeat annually. You can set the reminders to whenever you like, for example you can set it a few weeks beforehand if you know you need time to buy or post a present but on the day is fine if all you need to do is phone the birthday person. This is my preferred method, but it may not be for you if you are not on your computer much.

Tell me, what system do you use and does it work for you?


2 Responses

  • I like to use the e-calendar. It’s especially handy for those that require a phone call, because I set the alert for day of. The more important bdays I usually remember… usually

    • Thanks for sharing what works for you, Jenn. That’s my system too.

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