Akimbo - Mortlock 3
Mortlock flat invitation by Akimbo

Perhaps at first thought it seems like a silly question, but your invitation order is something you don’t want to miscalculate. It can be costly to re-order a small number of invitations because you’ve forgotten to put someone on your guest list (it happens!), want to invite a ‘B-list’, made a mistake addressing or one’s gone AWOL in the post… and don’t forget you’ll want a couple of spares as keepsakes.

With that in mind, how do you go about finding the magic number?

First thing to remember is that you don’t need as many invitations as guests. I often receive quote requests that include 120 invitations and 120 place cards. If you are having 120 guests, your invitation requirements will be closer to half that number. So, add up your number of invited parties (that could be a single person, a couple or a family) then add 10%. If you’re having the invitations or envelopes calligraphed, your calligrapher will usually require extras on top of that (ask her exactly how many).

Expect the unexpected and order a few spares for only a bit extra.


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