We’re friends, right?

Good, because you’re getting a peek at something I doubt too  many people would be volunteering to share on the internet: their toiletries drawer.

Lately things have been so hectic with work and social commitments that I admit I’ve let things slip around the house and have not been following my rule of leaving things as you found them. My bathroom drawer is just one such example.

I was just shoving stuff in there until it got to the point where I couldn’t find anything and stuff was falling over the back of the drawer into The Man’s below. I know it’s only a little problem, but when it was causing frustration at least twice every day and would only take a few minutes to fix, I had no excuse.

bathroom drawer before

Eek, right?


My method? I started by taking everything out of the drawer and wiping it out.

I laid everything out on the floor and grouped similar items. I discovered I had not one but FOUR wide plastic hair combs (which would be overkill for anyone but ridiculous for me since I rarely even use a comb). I also found two brand new boxes of hairties, the second one of which I bought not realising I already had one somewhere in the depths there. I kept the hairties because they wear out quickly but ditched all but one of the combs. Also in the bin went the bent bobby pins and the pink bobbly hairties (which I have no idea why I owned in the first place). The gross makeup-covered headband went into a bucket of bleach.

Believe it or not, these drawer dividers were actually in the before photo (scroll back up and see if you can find them, Where’s Wally style). I got them years ago and they’re really handy.

bathroom drawer after

Ahhh, so much better. It literally only took five minutes but has made my morning and evening routine so much smoother. Bonus: I should save money but not buying duplicates of items I already own.


4 Responses

  • Sometimes these little spruce ups can be so satisfying! I blogged about a similar project a while back, but had to actually install pull out drawers since our vanity had none. So handy at keeping everything corralled!

    • I know, gotta love the instant satisfaction.

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