Ever come to the end of a day of uncluttering and still find that the room looks messy?

Well, there’s physical clutter and then there’s visual clutter. You know what to do with the former, but the latter is a little more subtle. Here are some tricks:

Stack or pile objects
If you’re like me, there always seems to be a growing colony of paper on certain surfaces (the kitchen table and my desk are the most susceptible). If you want to tidy up but don’t have time to deal with all the paperwork, simply gather it into a neat pile for an instant improvement.

Have catch-all containers
It’s often the little things that add the most visual clutter to a room. Have a small bowl or tray located in places where small objects seem to end up. For example, I happen to be very lazy when it comes to putting my jewellery and hairties away at the end of the day, but tossing them in a pretty crystal bowl on my bedside table prevents it looking messy.

…especially ones with lids
To combat the dreaded keys-wallet-phone-sunnies pile we’ve always had a bamboo bowl on our sideboard; I recently switched it for one with a lid and it made such a difference. Similarly, a fun vintage tin on The Man’s chest of drawers is perfect to throw in the loose change and anything that gets in the way when I’m dusting.

Bring books to the front of the bookcase
Seriously, try it. I promise it will make your shelves look so much neater.

Group similar objects
Having a shelf with evenly dispersed items is a surefire way for it to look cluttered. Instead of spreading everything out, create object ‘clusters’ and make sure you leave breathing space in between.Group items by type (e.g. your vintage candlestick collection), style (your fave art deco items), theme (souvenirs from your Japanese holiday) or colour (which I think you can figure out yourself).

Avoid too much pattern and colour
I adore pattern and colour, so I hate to say you can have too much of a good thing. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an eyecatching, layered style though. Create interest with self-patterned fabrics and textures instead.

Kick the cords
Sadly this is one area where I don’t lead by example (beneath my feet here at my computer is a tangled spaghetti pile of cables). But if you can, try to hide cords by attaching them to the back or underside of furniture, painting them the same colour as the wall, or even eliminate them altogether by going wireless where possible.


4 Responses

  • Verus

    Great tips! Thank you :)

    • My pleasure.

  • Katy

    If you want to see clutter. come to my house!!!!!! Having three young kids does not lend itself to a clutter free house. However these tips could be helpful.

    • Haha, I bet! Sometimes I find it hard enough just with the two of us.

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