Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 1

Today I’ve got something special that I’ve been dying to show you: our engagement shoot!

It wasn’t some full-on whole day shoot with stylists and props and the whole kaboodle. It was just The Man and I and our awesome photographer Luke Simon. The Royal Adelaide Show was on a couple of weeks before our wedding so we went there for a couple of hours for some fun shots.

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 2

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 3

Luke was trying to get us to ham around. Ryan loved it and immediately got all cheesy, which made me lose it with embarassment!

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 4

Luke got to know us so well he even remembered we’re total pedants, so he suggested this funny shot. (Maybe we’re the only ones who appreciate punctuation gags?)

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 5

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 6

Alicia & Ryan e-shoot 7



4 Responses

  • These are so cute! Thank you for sharing them. What a great location for an engagement shoot! Also, I love the punctuation photo. That’s a big pet peeve of mine. 😉

    • Thanks, Katherine. I’m glad someone else appreciated that photo!

  • Oh, Alicia, it’s just perfect. :) Definitely brought a smile to my face. Luke did an amazing job.

  • Beautiful photos! Love the one of the pair of you walking and his arm around your shoulder.

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