If you love the look of gallery walls but are worried that it will look like a dog’s breakfast rather than a considered arrangement, try one of these foolproof layouts.

Update: I do my best to credit sources but unfortunately I got this one wrong and the original creator has asked me to remove their image. For other inspiration, you might like to search for ‘Gallery walls’ on Pinterest.


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  • This is an amazing chart. Truly, a wonderful tool to keep! Thank you!!

    • No worries, Sarah, glad you found it helpful.

  • I just stumbled on your blog, well, a few weeks ago, as am a closet beginner crafter! I love the ideas you have, and oh my, am I glad to see this guide for framed pictures! I drive everyone, including myself, nutts pushing, prodding, replacing…you get the idea! So am happy to have a clear reference point! Thanks!!! :-)

    • Hey Caroline, thanks for coming out of the craft closet 😉

  • These are actually part of a set that I sell to photographers via and it’s my work. Please remove this immediately. Thank you.

    • Hi Michele, my sincere apologies for incorrectly crediting your work to someone else. I have removed the image.

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  • […] (Source) Hopefully some of you find some inspiration here or find some of these tools handy. Are any of you rocking a gallery wall? Upload photos to our facebook page. We would love to see what you are working with. […]

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