I feel like I haven’t been the best blogger lately, and here’s why:

messy house August

You see, I’m exhibiting Akimbo at the bridal showcase The Eclective in a few weeks. Since it’s my first show, I need to set up everything from scratch, so you can see here I’ve got thousands of business cards to make, samples to assemble and new products to package. And this is just the jobs you can see. There is so much behind-the-scenes stuff to arrange in addition to my normal workload that everything else has fallen by the wayside (case in point: there are at least five half-finished home and craft projects in this scene alone).

As embarrassed as I am to reveal the chaos that I currently live in, I thought I’d share this photo because I don’t want anyone getting the impression that decorating bloggers live in some fantasyland of perfect homes. We struggle with clutter and finding balance and piles of laundry just like everyone else.

You can’t say I don’t keep it real around here!


11 Responses

  • Katy

    Where does The Man get to sit down and watch some TV??!!!!

    • You’ve spotted one of many problems with this scenario!

  • Love your blog and simply adore this post! You are my hero. I need to learn to live in a mess. 😉

    • Gosh, Jill, thank you! Trust me, though, I have not learnt to live with this: I’ve been constantly frustrated and overwhelmed.

  • bookgal

    Your living room looks like my living room. I love your blog and by showing that design-y people don’t live in perfectly organised spaces, you help me breathe a little easier. So, thank you! (for both the design loveliness and making my chaos feel more normal!)

    • It wasn’t easy for me to post, so I’m relieved it had the desired effect :)

  • Anabel

    Gracias,gracias,gracias!!Usted me ayuda a parecer una persona normal..;-).Todos queremos casas perfectas,vidas perfectas…pero esto podría ser aburrido!!Creo que darse cuenta de que no somos perfectos, nos ayuda a esforzarnos por aprender un poco más cada día.Usted puede tener una sala de estar desordenada,pero esto demuestra que usted es muy inteligente.
    Gracias desde España

    • Thanks Anabel (and Google Translate, hehe), you are very kind.

  • Two things:

    1) I love a blogger who keeps it real. We need more of this!

    2) An “work in progress” space tidied up when the time is right gives a Type A girl a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. Sometimes it’s worth it to let real life happen just for that reason.

    • I’ve never thought about it like that! Although I think this was on the scary-intimidating end of the clutter scale rather than the achievable-satisfaction end 😉

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