Gotta love storage that you can buy for two bucks at the local Asian grocer! What would you do to reuse a spare bamboo steamer?

Bamboo steamer wall shelves 1
Shelves by Shelterness

Bamboo steamer wall shelves 2
Shelves by The Happy Home

Bamboo steamer stationery storage Bamboo steamer herb pots
Stationery storage by Martha Stewart | Herb planters by Home Life


10 Responses

  • Sigh. Another to-do added to my really long list of to-do’s. But I want some of these over my headboard in the bedroom. I might do this tonight. It looks like too much fun to pass up.

    • Too many good ideas not enough time!

  • JoB

    What a fabulous idea, will be taking this home to the husband to get potting herbs asap!

    • Let us know how it goes, Jo!

  • I found large ones.. not the small ones, and after tearing them all apart I do need the small ones too. Making another trip today. :)

  • What a great idea! The fiance’s mum has about a million of these, so maybe she’ll be open to my repurposing some. :)

    • I’m sure she’ll be happy for them to go to a good home :)

  • I love these! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you like it, Erica.

  • Such a creative way of bringing a Bamboo tree into this awesome collection. Great work!

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