Craft supplies free printable art

Have you ever seen a more sweet print perfect for your crafting nook? What if I told you it was free?!

Download here.

Update: It was available to download from Kaisercraft but seems to have since been taken down.


5 Responses

  • Hey! I love this print, but I went to download it and I can’t find it on their site. Do you have a direct link to the print?
    x Katherine

  • Arrgh!! It was there when I prepared the post but it must have been taken down since. This was actually a direct link but it’s redirecting to their homepage because it can’t find the page.

    If anyone knows where we can get it please let us know. If not, sorry for the false hope! We will have to use it as inspirtion only.

  • That’s too bad it is gone now. It was really adorable. Thanks anyways. :)

  • Oh, well. I hope you downloaded it when you had the chance!
    x Katherine

  • Oh, I’m so sad I missed it! That’s what I get for taking a break from my Google Reader for a bit!

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