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We generally celebrate Christmas with immediate family but on the rare occasion when we’re able to round up the clan from all over the country, the gift giving could easily get out of hand. Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoy the process of choosing, buying and wrapping presents, but when you add an extra 20 extended family members into the mix your budget has to be spread very thin.

Instead, try organising a Secret Santa so that everyone gets one decent present rather than yet another box of chocolates or keyring. The trick is to set a price limit so that everyone has the same expectations.

Tell me, does your family have some kind of system for gift giving at Christmas?


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  • I have the same “problem” with my husband’s family which is very large. They don’t do secret santa, but my family does which helps a lot. I have to say that even at 43 I do love opening up gifts.

    • Haha I never said I didn’t like opening them, it’s the seeing the bank balance after Christmas that I have an aversion to.

  • I’m actually struggling with a different problem this year – too many gifts coming in! My daughter (7) really gets spoiled this time of year and by Dec 27 she has had too much Christmas. We should definitely count ourselves lucky to have so many people who love my sweet girl, but it makes it hard to teach her about all the other holiday stuff such as giving, loving, and sharing. Any thought there?

    • Hmm, that’s a tricky one Janice, especially since I don’t have kids. Perhaps talk to the grandparents about buying a smaller gift and putting the other half in a savings account for her, or have the rellies put in for one large special present instead of so many smaller ones so she’s not overloaded, or maybe go through her toys and clothes with her before Christmas and explain that they’ll be donated to children less fortunate than her. Does anyone else have any suggestions for Janice?

      We have a discount department store called Kmart (like Walmart) that does a Wishing Tree every Christmas and families will buy a present for a certain age and gender child and put it under the tree in the store and they’re then donated to children who otherwise wouldn’t get anything at Christmas. Do you have anything like that in the US?

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