Mathilda's Market 1

Those of you who follow my business on Facebook will know that I recently signed up for my first market… aaaand my second, third and fourth all in the same month. Yeah, I don’t do things by halves.

Mathilda's Market 1

First cab off the rank was Mathilda’s Market, a boutique kids’ market at the Burnside Ballroom here in Adelaide. A popular nearby Christmas pageant was on at the same time and it was raining so I think that affected the numbers a little. Nevertheless I met some lovely people, including plenty of glowing mums-to-be, adorable babies and kids who trendier than me. Not to mention putting faces to the names of fellow retatilers like Memory Bank Photography, Mel Boulden Photography and Furious Kingston.

Mathilda's Market 3

I’m always so pleased when I send my goodies off to happy homes, and it’s even nicer when I get to meet the customers in person.

You can also find me at:

Whimsical Markets (Christmas twilight market), Thursday 8th December
Gilles Street Markets, Saturday 18th December

…plus another secret one yet to be announced!


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