White frame before

This framed art came free with my issue of Real Living a couple of months ago, but I was immediately told in no uncertain terms that such a girly item would never see the light of day in our home. I figured the frame and the print would pass The Man’s test if used invidually but it was the combination of both that was unacceptable.

White frame after

I removed the sweet print and gave the wooden backing a few coats of blackboard paint that I already had on hand. Now I have a cute mini message board that cost me a grand total of zero dollars.

Does anyone else have to pass the man test when bringing home new decor?


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  • Yes! But it isn’t the girliness that gets to my husband. Oh, no. He doesn’t like the antiquing of an item to look to contrived. It is so frustrating because it means our decorating tastes differ by the width of a hair!

    • Consider yourself lucky, a husband who wants to go antique shopping!

  • Ha, I totally know what you mean. My husband is the same way…but worse, I think! He’s an engineer, so everything has to have a specific purpose; otherwise, it’s stupid. He hates things that just have decorative purposes…he has learned to let go a bit over the years, but I have to keep an eye on my candles and stuff, or I’ll find them hiding in the back of the closet or something =P

    Super cute transformation, and definitely less girly!

    • I can just imagine, Sarah!

  • We have the opposite problem. I’m usually the one hiding the candles, but he hates any disney paraphernalia. We both love the modern danish/slightly 70s look so we’re trying to move in that direction.

    • We’ll call it practical mid-century Scandanavian :)

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  • GREAT experience!!! Thank you!!!

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