cheesecake recipe

My mother-in-law makes this increeeeedible Austrian free-form baked cheesecake that her late mother before her made. It’s a mainstay at every family function and has been for the last thirty odd years (she’s never tried not bringing it – I think it would start a riot it’s that popular).

You often hear of people saying they regret not having asked mum or grandma about family favourite recipes before they are lost forever, so I’ve been begging Sylvia to show me how to make her famous cheesecake (to ensure I’m always popular with the in-laws, haha!). Recently we finally got around to having our lesson, along with The Man and my brother-in-law and his partner.

cheesecake baking 1

My mother-in-law Sylvia made one herself first to show us (here she is mixing the filling made from quark cheese, which I’d never heard of).

cheesecake baking 2

Oma’s recipe used sultanas but these days we love it with blueberries.

cheesecake baking 3

Me attempting my own, which ended up like this:

baked cheesecake

I love how the pastry crust cracks while it’s baking so you can see the colourful berries and gooey centre peek through.

I was initially worried that she would think I was trying to muscle in on her territory so I wasn’t planning on bringing it to any family parties. Turns out, though, that after thirty years frankly she’d like to make something else occasionally, so I think she’ll be pleased that my sister-not-quite-in-law and I can take care of it. I took it to their family Christmas Eve celebration and got the thumbs up from the experts – yay!

Have you got any family faves that you’ve saved, or perhaps that have been lost?


3 Responses

  • Sara

    I love that first picture – the mark of a good recipe, how stained the paper is that the recipe is written on. If I’m being honest, I love the last picture too, but for different reasons!

    • Oh I know, we actually gave Sylvia a recipe folder for Christmas and she’s planning to type them up so they’re easier to read (and translate some of her mum’s other recipes from German) and I told her she has to keep these fabulous character-filled originals.

      Hehe, will have to make it for you one day.

  • The Man

    I love how you write that post and neglect to mention the credit due to The Man for helping make/bake that cake in picutre 😉 Full credit to you on having the idea to start the baking lessons though – I’d thought about it but never truly had the drive to push for it. Just one of many amazing things about you :)

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