lounge ceiling light

For some reason I don’t have a photo of the kitchen with the old light (oh yeah, could be because I didn’t like it so I always cropped it out).

But I do have a photo of the same fixture elsewhere in the house. Because when we moved in every. single. fitting. in the house was the same boring builder’s special that you see above.

new kitchen light

Ah, I love how pendant lights work to define a space so much more than the ceiling-mounted variety. The industrial brushed metal finish of the Ikea light we chose ties in perfectly with the cabinet handles, and at just fifteen bucks it was a very cheap tweak to the room.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank The Man for installing it for me. x


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  • Bridget

    Hi there,

    The new light looks great! We have the same yucky lights in our house and wondered if it was an easy job to change to your pretty Ikea fitting? Is your man an electrician or is this a DIY we could maybe try too?

    Many thanks and love your blog!


    • Hey Bridget, my father-in-law used to be an electrical linesman so he’s taught The Man how to do basic electrical jobs like this, which has been so helpful. He did run into a couple of issues with this fitting, but they tell me that generally the principles of wiring are fairly straightforward. If you’re reasonably handy I would definitely encourage you to give it a go (of course with the usual big fat legal disclaimer that I’m not responsible for any results!). I’m sure there there would be plenty of useful tutorials on YouTube. Good luck and let us know how you go!

  • The Man

    Bridget – the wiring in our house is quite old (70s) and isn’t particularly logical compared to today’s standards. It is actually illegal to install things in the house without a licensed electrician but I believe that’s more of a protection for the industry than a protection for safety reasons.

    My advice is to find someone like my Dad, (maybe a friend, friend of a friend) who has experience to show you – because although YouTube is amazing, it won’t necessarily have an example of how to use the wiring your house has and how to fit it with Ikea based lighting.

    If you do go ahead – here’s a piece of advice: There were two wires that were not able to fit into the new Ikea fitting, and to make sure they don’t short-circuit, you need to cap them off with a wire cap you can get from any hardware store.

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