Lounge with new rug

I’ve wanted a shaggy white rug for the lounge for ages but, well, there was always something else that we needed to pay for (isn’t that always the way?). But when The Man spotted this baby online at an irresistable price (do I have him trained well or what?) we jumped at the chance.

Of course, you always worry whether online purchases will look as good in person but in this case we didn’t need to be concerned. It looks great and is sooo lovely when you’re sitting at the couch in bare feet. It really ties the room together as a nice cosy space and as an unexpected bonus it also works to make the coffee table stand out as a feature.


3 Responses

  • where did you get it? it’s great!

    • Hi Julie, we bought it from the shopping site Brands Exclusive, the brand is ‘Rug Culture’.

  • Looks fabulous. Love the shade on the ceiling light as well!

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