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Today’s Rethink & Reuse is somewhat selfish. You see, I have a type drawer that I bought to display some family photos at our wedding. I absolutely love it, but apart from a brief stint as an advent calendar two Christmases ago, I’m actually at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it now.

type drawer advent calendar

Here are what some clever folks are repurposing theirs for:

Jewellery rack | Tonya Staab

Apartment Therapy type drawer
Shadow box | Apartment Therapy

Justina's type drawer on DesignSponge
Shadow box | Design*Sponge

Justina's type drawer on DesignSponge
Craft supply storage | 26 Letters

type drawer coffee table
Memento coffee table | Zween

These are all great ideas, but I already have jewellery storage and a coffee table, prefer my craft supplies to be kept out of sight and I don’t really have many tiny mementos for a memory box. I would LOVE to hear your suggestions of what I could do with my cool – but currently useless – type drawer.


11 Responses

  • The Man

    Coffee table = The Bomb. Can we do that when we get a house big enough for two coffee tables?!?!

    • Um yes please!

  • Oh. My. Goodness!
    This collection is heartbreaking. We want!!
    Your blog is beautiful and very inspirational :)
    Good work! x

    • Thanks for your kind words!

  • Jette

    Hi, I saw your table – loved it. So I just bought 3 typesetter drawers so I can make a coffee table myself, thanks you for showing your art.

    • Sounds awesome, Jette, we’d love to see pics!

  • could be re-purposed as an herb garden.

  • Roxanne

    I have 2 antique typesetting drawers which I used to house my wonderful collection of over 150 pillboxes, some are too large and fall off and some are just too large to fit at all. This coffee table is brilliant! To be able to incorporate my love of my collection and the typesetting drawers is a perfect solution to my dusting requirements yet would allow me to display my treasures. Now, how to build this idea is a totally different conundrum lol.

    • That sounds fantastic Roxanne! Perhaps find a cheapo table at a second-hand shop and attach the legs to the base of the drawer, then sand and stain the same colour. You can get glass cut at your local glazier. Let us know how you go!!

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