Happy Monday - Silly honest kind

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind art print by Wicked Paper

At first I just thought this was a sweet message, then I realised it pretty well sums up The Man’s and my approach to marriage.


6 Responses

  • Awww! Thats lovely :) and you are a very lucky gal too 😀

  • Thanks so much for featuring our print! Love your blog!

    • My pleasure, Cami. It was a hard decision because all of your designs are so lovely!

  • The Man

    Damn straight Vivid Please 😉 Haha. I like how you didn’t tell me about this Mrs P 😛 100% agreed however :)

    • I don’t need to tell you, I know you read my blog 😉

  • This design is very lovely! Love it! The colors and the words are just excellent!

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