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I was pretty thrilled last year when one of my fave design authors Charlotte Rivers (not just saying that – I did already own some of her books and follow her blog) asked me to submit some of my work for her upcoming book. But then I put it out of my mind because books take so long to reach the shelves and besides, not everything that’s submitted will make the final cut.

I Love Stationery - Akimbo

So imagine my excitement when I flipped open my freshly-delivered copy of her book I Love Stationery and found a whole page feature on Akimbo‘s Woodland collection!

Huge thanks to Charlotte and her publisher Jacqui Small. It means so much to me to be published in such a beautifully produced book.


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  • Congratulations on the book feature! :)

  • Katy

    Congratulations !!! Are you going to write a book about designing stationery one day !!!!!!

  • Thanks guys, very excited! Haven’t thought about that, Katy, but I do like to think anything’s possible!

  • Hello!

    Just wanted to let you know that one of your photos has been featured at Houzz today!

    ~Amy Renea


    • Hey thanks Amy! I’m a pro member over there and a guest blogger so sometimes my little ol’ home often gets featured in with the big glamorous homes!

  • so glad you like the book! thanks for being part of it :) charlotte

    • Many thanks Charlotte, you’ve helped me tick off a big goal of mine. Hope you and the family are well. I will actually be in London briefly around New Years :)

  • Congratulations Alicia! You deserved to be in that book. Well, I’ve been in your blog for the second time but I must say, I came back because I love your work! And I admire you on making the DIY for your wedding. I am getting married soon and been looking for great projects especially the corsage for the principal sponsors. Any idea about it?

    You have a great blog!

    Annabella Merlin
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