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We ran out of storage space for books and magazines (again). The house is pretty chockers with furniture and the only real option was to use the sliver of space between our entertainment unit and the wall.

Even if the space was large enough for a proper bookcase, I didn’t want it to feel any more boxy and closed in that it already is. Enter the stack bookcase! I’ve wanted something like it for ages but didn’t have the budget for it, so when The Man spotted it at Milan Direct for just $70 we snapped it up straight away. Instant order for the reading material piled up around the house.


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  • I love it! I have also had my eye on a few stacked bookcase thingies for a few years, but my husband just doesn’t feel it. I’ll live vicariously through you instead, k? One question, though. How do you like the book stack to TV/entertainment cabinet height ratio?

    • Yeaaaah to be honest I was expecting to be taller so I’m not loving the current ratio, especially since I am trying to downplay the hugeness of the TV! I’m not too concerned about it though, we won’t be in this house forever so I will make sure it’s alongside pieces that are more in proportion. Thanks for bringing it up in a nice way :)

  • Nice… loving the coffee table peeking out at me!

  • The Man

    Janice – I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ either. Considering I saw it on sale I thought I’d look at a few more before passing it on to Alicia. My major problem was the fact that in lots of photos – they tend to stack it so you can’t see the shelving. I personally hate that look and am happy that we’re not chocking the shelves full to the brim for each one. That’s what did it for me.

  • Abby

    How long did it take for it to get to you?
    I’ve found some things on there I like. However concerned to buy online. I no longer live in Adelaide, now over in rural W.A

    • Only a couple of days from memory. They should have their shipping times listed on the website.

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