I think you’ll all agree when I say that paperwork is one of the biggest clutter culprits in most homes. ‘Going paperless’ is a semi-regular series on eliminating paper from your home in order to save time, reduce clutter and benefit the environment.

I’m so looking forward to diving into this new series with you, because I truly believe that reducing the amount of paper in your home can make your daily life a whole lot easier.

Step 1: Prevention

The first step is to stop more paper coming into your home. Does this scene look familiar to you?

Pile of paper on kitchen table

Every day we were receiving a ton of mail that ended up in a dumping ground on the kitchen table. It was a daily struggle to keep on top of it.

Most of it was catalogues, many of which were immediately tossed and therefore a complete waste and others we gave only a cursory flip through.

No junk mail sign

A couple of dollars later, I had a ‘No junk mail’ sign attached to our (really attractive 1970s) letterbox and the constant stream of unwanted advertising material is gone, leaving us with only a few letters to deal with each day. As a bonus we’re not bombarded with temptation to buy things we don’t really need.

What about the catalogues you do want to receive, I hear you ask? The only catalogue I regularly used was for my supermarket, so now when I’m planning our weekly meals I simply hop onto their website and take a squizz through the specials. If I’m in the market for a particular item such as furniture or electronics I go to Lasoo and read only the relevant catalogues (this is Australian; perhaps some overseas readers can chime in with your local equivalent).

I’d love to know, how do you deal with your junk mail?

Next time: Dealing with other types of mail


10 Responses

  • I’ve been meaning to get a No Junk Mail sticker for absolutely ages. Do you just get them from hardware stores?

    I’ve got the Woolworths app on my iPhone, which means I can browse the catalogue for specials that way and add it directly to my list. It’s a livesaver.

    • Yup, I got mine from the hardware store. I’m sure you can buy cuter ones elsewhere but since our letterbox is like 100 metres from our front door (we’re in a unit complex) I didn’t have my usual standards 😉

      The app sounds great – bit new to all that as I’ve only got a smartphone a matter of weeks ago. My question about using technology like that is can you share a list between family members? The Man and I both add things to the list and we alternate weekly shopping so anything that was only single-user would be a bit useless for us.

  • i downloaded this app called PaperKarma for my iPhone- it scans the address of the catalogue/junk mail and sends an unsubscribe request on your behalf. really cool!

    • Wow, that is so clever! Thanks for letting us know.

  • Patty Flores

    Hi! I live in southern California and was wondering if anybody knows if putting a sticker on the mailbox works down here. I’ve never heard of or seen one.

    • It’s so common here it never occurred to me that this might not be possible elsewhere in the world. You could always try a homemade sign and see if it works. Otherwise Jaime’s suggestion of PaperKarma would work as that it US-based.

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