frame as tray
100 Layer Cake

There are loads of ways to reuse an old frame, but this has to be my favourite. It’s so versatile: use your new tray on your dresser for jewellery or perfume, in the bathroom for your lotions or in living areas for decorative displays.

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a tray for my own home and am not having much luck, perhaps I should keep my eyes open for frames instead.


Hope you all have a lovely evening tonight, I’m off to celebrate The Man’s birthday.


2 Responses

  • Oh, I’ve done this! I striped and stained an awesome antique frame, added felt to the back and drawer handles on each of the short sides. I chose to frame some beautiful needlework I inherited when my grandmother passed. It is one of my parents favorite gifts from me and it took an afternoon to make.

    • OK that would take me longer than an afternoon! Sounds gorgeous Janice, I’m not surprised your parents cherish it.

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