I think you’ll all agree when I say that paperwork is one of the biggest clutter culprits in most homes. ‘Going paperless’ is a semi-regular series on eliminating paper from your home in order to save time, reduce clutter and benefit the environment.

Step 1: Prevention

magazine pile

OK so it might not be as annoying as junk mail or bills, but even mail that you have signed up for can add to the paper clutter in your home. Here are some tactics to keep your subscriptions under control:

Cancel everything you don’t actually read
An obvious one, but worth repeating. We can easily fall into the trap of keeping receiving subscriptions out of habit or because to stop them would require some effort. Are there newspapers that you simply don’t have time to read? Or perhaps magazines that sit around for the whole month before you get around to having a quick flip through? Sounds like you wouldn’t miss them.

Go digital
Most newspapers (and an ever increasing amount of magazines) now offer digital subscriptions in addition to the traditional print options. Personally I like curling up on the couch with a fresh glossy or the day’s crossword, so this option is not going to suit everyone. But if you’ve ever had to wrangle a broadsheet newspaper on a crowded bus then I’m sure you could certainly see the appeal of switching to a news app on your iPad!

Get off mailing lists
Despite zero involvement, I was receiving letters from my university alumni for a good five years beyond my graduation before I finally got around to removing myself from their mailing list. Come on, you know you’ve got those too: that professional association you never go to, that theatre you went to once, your old hairdresser, the junior basketball league and now your kids are in their twenties… Yep, those. Cancel them.


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