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I don’t think I’ve ever shown you inside our kitchen cupboards. Probably because it’s not very exciting. I don’t have beautiful floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with chevron lining and rows of matching labelled Tupperware.

Nope, it’s all very average-bordering-on-messy. With only this small overhead cupboard to store our pantry goods, it gets crowded easily and things just get shoved in wherever they can. (By the way, sometimes my camera produces photos with lens distortion – this is not happennig here, the shelf is in fact bowing under the weight of no less than six types of rice and more icing sugar than I will use in a lifetime.)

Every now and again I will declare it time for a Pantry Challenge (feel free to chime in with a more creative name!). Which means we buy as little new food as possible in order to clear out the pantry and freezer (I already do this weekly with fresh produce in the fridge). Sometimes it’s motivated by a money-saving goal, other times because I’m sick of pork chops falling on my head when I open the freezer.

Either way, it always ends up with a few culinary experiments (seriously, you’ll be amazed at the variety of dishes you can make with what you already have on hand), a slashed grocery bill and a nice uncluttered kitchen.

Have you tried anything similar in your household before?


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  • Karen

    If I have a Pantry Challenge I can guarantee that everything will go on sale and I won’t be able to resist. I even cut off part of my pantry shelves so they would be so deep. I have gained some power by using wire baskets to contain the little things.

    • Be strong, Karen! Baskets are definitely a great idea for the small items.

  • My current pantry has really deep shelves & I think they are fatal for not knowing what is in the cupboard. I have the same problem with the fridge/freezer.
    Last time I cleaned the fridge/freezer & pantry I spent a little time writing out what was in there & have the list on the inside of the pantry door!!
    It has saved me so much time & money, it was definitely worth the little time it took.
    Good luck with your sort.

    London, UK

    • Oh yes, deep shelves are a curse in disguise sometimes. We have a really small fridge so I guess I should be thankful I don’t have that problem! Although I just did the same thing with writing the list – you’ve spoilt next week’s post topic 😉

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