At the beginning of our Going Paperless journey I talked about preventing the influx of magazines and the like. The Man and I aren’t too bad with this as we don’t buy newspapers and we don’t subscribe to any magazines.

I do buy my favourite mag Real Living every month (I don’t subscribe because our letterbox is part of a big bank of them at the front of our unit block and I would worry about theft/rain/damage). Plus I will buy the occasional bridal or lifestyle glossy for work for research purposes or if I’ve been featured in it (tax write-off, oh yeah). The Man doesn’t buy any magazines and hasn’t the whole time I’ve known him.

Even so, we seem to have magazines everywhere.

magazine storage fail 1

Believe it or not, our primary magazine storage lay at the back of that cabinet. (Sorry for the terrible shot, taking a photo of the inside of the cupboard at night is never going to end well.)

magazine storage 2

There was also a stack on the entertainment unit…

magazine storage 1

Plus some in a magazine rack…

magazine storage fail 2

And an inevitable pile on the side table next to the sofa…

Alicia office after 08

Not to mention the three chock full magazine files in the office.

That’s not even counting the pile that, for a while, lived on the FLOOR. (Sorry, didn’t capture that attractive scene.)

stack bookcase

That’s why I’m so jazzed about our recently purchased bookcase. It now holds my entire back catalogue of Real Livings (The Man called it my Real Living shrine) and the small stack of Home Beautifuls. All of the wedding mags are stashed in the office for easy reference. After purging a ton of stuff I’ll never read again, the ‘miscellaneous’ pile now fits easily into the magazine rack. I still generally leave my current month’s reading material lying around on the coffee table or side table, but overall it’s much less cluttered and easy to access.

So I guess next on the list is to sit down with a cuppa and read an old favourite tackle the cabinet to make it into functional storage.


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  • amber johnson

    I noticed you have several “stools” stacked as your side table, i love that idea as a way to have extra makeshift seats for when company is over, but still perfect for saving space. Where are the stools from?

    Thank you!!


    • Hi Amber, they are actually just nesting tables and aren’t sturdy enough to use as stools. They’re original 70s Kartell tables that I got from my folks, you might be able to score a set on eBay. The closest thing that springs to mind is these Ikea stools (you could paint them white):

      Hope that helps!

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