I had a bit of a stressful week recently, having bit off more than I can chew (as per usual) and working every weekend. I’d been feeling like a bit of a zombie in the work-eat-chores-sleep cycle. The Man told me he was heading out to dinner with a friend so I was settling in to another exciting Friday night catching up on admin and eating cereal at my desk for dinner (jealous?).

I was surprised to hear his key in the door at 6pm so I went downstairs to investigate. There he was with the most gorgeous arrangement from Poppies Flowers and announced we were going out for dinner!

I know some people eat out every week and flowers are an expected part of the relationship but for us, not so much. So it would have been a real treat in itself with the added bonus of it being a romantic surprise.

It was so lovely to go out for dinner and just talk about fun or important things, because at home it’s more about how our day was or discussing household stuff. Do you find that too?

It was just what the doctor ordered. Even though I still have a ton of work to get through before I can take a decent break, a much-needed night off and reconnecting with what’s really important did wonders for me.

If you’re waiting for me to segue into something a bit more related to my usual blog content, sorry. I just wanted to share at a look at my beautiful flowers and a little snippet of my life lately.

But if you really need a take-away message from this, then let it be a reminder to stop and smell the roses… or the ranunculus.


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  • Georgina

    Sounds perfect :)

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