candles in washstand

The washstand in our living room desperately needs a full reorganisation, but for now I’ve just tackled one corner.

Deep shelves are a really ineffective way to store small items, such as my candle collection. Any time I wanted that one particlar votive at the back of the cupboard, I’d have to take everything out and then put it back in again. A drawer would be a smarter place to store them, but I didn’t have a spare drawer… or did I?

catalogue drawers

I bought this fantastic set of catalogue drawers for the escort cards at our wedding (for new readers: it was in a library). I was planning to repurpose it as a recipe card organiser, but of course this idea fell through when I decided to go paperless for my recipes.

candles in catalogue drawer

Lightbulb moment!

It became the ideal place to tuck our candles and holders. I also threw in a box of matches for extra convenience.


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