Manicure bag

Whenever I do my nails (which, let’s be honest, isn’t very often these days) I grab whatever I think I’ll need from the bathroom drawer and plop myself on the couch… and invariably remember I’ve forgotten the clippers/buffer/file/lotion and have to go back upstairs to get it.

Then when I’m done, chances are I’m well into a Breaking Bad marathon and putting away all my bits and pieces in their various homes is the last thing I want to do.

So, the other day when my mum gave me a(nother) cute Clinique freebie bag, I knew I could put it to good use. I gathered up my nail polishes… then promptly threw away 80% of them because they had gone all hard and gross. Yes, those three bottles is now the full extent of my polish collection – sadly no Pinterest-worthy ombre glitter chevron designs here.

I collected the other essentials and put them in the bag so I’m ready to go whenever the manicure bug hits. I now have everything together and pack up is as simple as throwing everything back in the bag. My meagre collection takes up very little space in the bag which means there’s plenty of room to grow. It would actually make more sense to store it downstairs since that’s where I do my nails, but with no spare storage down there it remains in the bathroom cabinet.

How do you store your mani pedi gear? And are you low-maintenance in the nail department like me, or do you have every colour of the rainbow at your disposal?


2 Responses

  • I am a one colour, one gloss girl though every now & then I am tempted by the bright shinies in the shop I always end up in cherry red & have to throw out all the gunkies.
    Love the idea of the one stop bag, must sort one for myself :)

    • Sounds like you’ve found a winner!

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