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Back at uni studying graphic design (quite a few years ago now) they told us that design could change the world. Call me naive but I believed them then and I still do.

With all the greed, environmental destruction and commercialisation around us though, it’s sometimes easy to dismiss my teenage idealism as unrealistic.

That’s why I was so delighted when UK not-for-profit We Are What We Do got in touch with me recently. Their beautifully-designed range of books, 2013 diaries, tea towels or any of their fun and well-designed products for easy actionable ideas on how you can do your bit to change the world.

The best bit? It’s not all about sacrificing your personal comfort and enjoyment for the common good – all of their ideas are designed to actually improve the quality of your own life as well as the world around you. Think: baking with your granny, planting a garden, cooking a meal from scratch, writing a letter, enjoying a fair trade coffee… Sounds pretty good right?

Find out more at their website and see the full range of behaviour-changing products in their shop.


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