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Guess who the new contributor to Scoutie Girl is?

You guessed right – it’s me!

I am still pinching myself that I’m writing for one of my favourite blogs alongside some very esteemed names.

I’ve been handed the reins for the Tooling Around column by the ever lovely Janice Bear. I am looking forward to getting to know the Scoutie Girl community and sharing my thoughts and experiences on incorporating technology into your creative business and life in general.

It’s something I’ve been increasingly interested in since starting my business in 2010, and while I’ve touched on it briefly in my Going Paperless series, I knew that this blog is not the right forum for tech- or business-oriented content. I’m thrilled to have the perfect external forum to explore these ideas so as to keep Atypical Type A full of the interior eye candy and projects you have come to expect.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy or a biz owner, I’d love for you to join me over there. I’ll be covering nifty tools, easy tricks and creative lifestyle issues – all easy stuff that you can implement straight away (without a degree in computing).

And with that, I invite you go head over to Scoutie Girl to read my first monthly column.


2 Responses

  • I noticed last week that your name had been added to the contributors list and I was stoked. But to know you’re going to be the one to take my Tooling concept to the next level has me over the moon! Oh Alicia, you are just too too.

    • Oh Janice, it means a lot to me to have your blessing! I hope you are enjoying life and taking care of yourself. x

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