Most organising nerds (myself included) will tell you to store like-with-like. That is, keep similar items together so you always know where to find things and you avoid accumulating duplicates.

This works well for many items, however there are times when it makes more sense to adopt the keep-it-where-you-use-it principle, even if this means spreading similar items out over multiple locations in your home.

cable storage basket 1

cable storage basket 2

Take cables, for example. We have a large covered basket on the entertainment unit where we keep the camera chargers, laptop/iPad chargers and AV cables for the television, because this is where we use all of these items.

cable storage box 1

cable storage box 1

On my desk there is a vintage pencil box in which we store cables that connect cameras and phones to the computer. It’s within arm’s reach of my chair so it’s a cinch to return them when I’m done downloading the photos.

Likewise, both The Man and I charge our phones by our bed so we each stash our chargers in the top drawer of our bedside table/dresser. If we had to collect our chargers from downstairs every night and return them again every night, it just wouldn’t happen.

It’s not just cables though. If you have your shoe storage in the closet because you think you ‘should’ even though you always leave them at the door, why not create a shoe rack in your entryway? If it’s a daily struggle to get the kids’ toys back into their rooms where they ‘belong’, how about adding a storage ottoman or a set of wicker baskets so you can tidy up in a fraction of the time?

Organising systems are only going to work if they are simple and suit your lifestyle.

What about you? Have you got something you never put away because it’s too hard? Or do you have an everyday item you keep somewhere unusual because it works for you?


5 Responses

  • Abi

    Absolutely the best advice ever! I have no idea why I always insist on storing my shoes in my closet… I kick them off at the door. Thanks!

  • What beautiful storage you have for your cables! I keep mine where I use them, but just kind of heaped in a pile. I’m inspired to find something better! Thanks.

  • I’ve got the organising bug right now and I agree – it’s a total pleasure to realise you have come up with a solution that is not only good-looking but also practical!

  • Thanks everyone! There are so many gorgeous bowls, baskets and boxes around that you definitely don’t need to be limited to storage that screams ‘storage!’.

  • @Abi, I’m the same with my handbag. I knew it would never make it to the bedroom so I have a hook in the kitchen next to where we keep our keys.

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