Travel gear storage

As The Man and I prepare to leave for our big trip in just over two weeks (EEEK!) it was time to dust off the travel gear.

We don’t have a ton of stuff (we often borrow what we need from my well-travelled parents or simply use everyday items) so a couple of small suitcases stacked in the bedroom do the trick.

In the larger case is (clockwise from top left):

  • travel towel
  • sleeping bag liner
  • pouch with inflatable neck pillow and ear plugs
  • laundry kit (containing laundry soap, pegless clothesline and inflatable coathangers)
  • ziplock travel bags (not visible)
  • shoe bags
  • rain poncho

The smaller case (not even a suitcase, really more of a briefcase) contains:

  • luggage tags
  • travel wallet with chain
  • handheld luggage scales
  • locks
  • travel organisers
  • small amount of foreign currency (not visible)

Everything probably could fit into the one suitcase but I figure we’ll gather more gear as time goes on, plus I’d rather have everything easy to see and find rather than a big jumble of stuff.

Our toiletries bags, along with spare travel-sizes items, are in the bathroom cabinet. I also have a bunch of cosmetics bags that are fantastic for organising small things like cables, adaptors and medicines in your suitcase.

So tell me, what are your must-have travel items?


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