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We’re having a friend housesit for us while we’re overseas, partly for security but also to take care of the garden, the mail and such. We had her over for dinner last night and showed her around (she’s been here a lot before, but I mean getting into the nitty gritty inside cupboards).

I know if it were me I’d remember most of what I was told but there would be some essential detail I’d miss (does the dog get walked twice a day and fed once a day or the other way around?!) so I thought it was best to write everything down.

housesitting list

Normally I would just type everything out but instead I decided it would be fun to design a fill-in sheet so you can use it too! It’s two pages and contains everything from the basic bins/garden/pets/mail instructions to emergency information, plus those easy-to-forget-about tips such as the wifi password.

My mother (you can see where I got the organising gene from) always leaves some cash and a list of groceries they would like the housesitter to have available when they return home. I’ve stolen her idea and included it in the list. In our case I’ve listed milk, cereal and the makings of sandwiches so we won’t have to drag our jetlagged arses out to the supermarket straight away.

Click here to download the file.

I hope you like it because I’ve got more coming! I decided on a whim this morning to create a few matching free printable household lists for you. I reckon I might make them into a full set next year, what do you think?


5 Responses

  • Georgina

    I LOVE this! Thank you!!

    • Glad you liked it Georgina :)

  • I wish I had a use for this, it’s adorable!

    • I’m going to be doing a whole set of these, so hopefully some of the future ones will be a little more useful for you Chanelle :) Feel free to put in requests, by the way!

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