pre-trip list

Operation Packing is in full swing over here. But as we get closer to the departure date, it’s not just our suitcases that we need to get ready. As I mentioned the other day, we’re having a housesitter so we don’t need to worry about things like the mail and perishable foods before we leave, but of course we will need to change the linens and make sure the house is in a tidy state.

pre-trip list

The required jobs for you will depend on how long you are going away for, whether you have pets and whether you’re having a housesitter, so just cross out any that don’t apply to you. Why not laminate it and re-use it before every holiday?

Download the checklist here.

P.S. Sorry if you were expecting lots of Christmas posts this month, with us going away there’s no decorating here this year. Guest posts will begin on Monday 17th December, starting with some last-minute festive ideas, followed by everything you need for some new year decorating.


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