Oh me, oh my! What a bad blogger I have been.

I had every intention of hopping on every few days and giving you an update on my travels (no, really, I did!) but here we are over halfway through our trip and I haven’t said a peep!

Our days have been full to the brim with equal measures of sightseeing and eating. In my defence, transferring the insane amount of photos we’ve been taking onto the iPad with patchy internet has also been a bit of a headache and has been a less tempting evening option than going out for a local winter treat. (And, if I’m being completely honest, it’s been absolutely blissful having a total break from work of any kind.)

So far we have visited San Fransisco (see The Man’s and my smiling mugs in the above photo), London, Berlin, Dresden and (warning: bragging alert!) we’re currently in our swankily-renovated medieval hotel in Prague.

I am dying to start sharing some of our photos (and shopping finds!!) with you but this will now be after we return. Thanks again to my wonderful guest posters for preventing the tumbleweeds that would have been blowing through the blog in my absence.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great start to 2013… I know I am! xo


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