I’m off galivanting around the world for a few weeks so I have lined up some some talented ladies to hold the fort while I’m gone. Hope you enjoy!

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From reading her blog Look See I know that Naomi loves nothing more than packing her bags and camera and visiting new places. She has a way of capturing the simple beauty that others might miss. So I couldn’t think of anyone better to give us some unique ideas on how to display travel photos. I’ll be using some of these ideas when I get back for sure!  – Alicia

displaying travel photos

Hi everyone, I’m Naomi Fenton from Look See. I’m a Tasmanian photographer and  secondary school teacher and I’m so chuffed to be sharing some ideas for displaying your travel photos in this guest post for Alicia.

This is something I’ve been putting a bit of research into since returning from living overseas a couple of years ago. My partner and I are both into photography and you can imagine that after travelling together, we’ve got quite the collection of shots that we’d love to have on display. The sting in the tail is, that our living space isn’t large to say the least, and while we both love traditional framing – it’s quite expensive if you have a lot of prints you want to display. (And we do!)

So, keeping that in mind I trawled through the interwebs (and can I just say – thank you internet Gods for inventing Pinterest – you can follow me here if you like) and found a few great ideas.

mini peg display
I Still Love You

The mini pegs display is by Melissa over at I Still Love You and actually includes a free, downloadable tutorial to take you step-by-step through the process. I like the simplicity of the version above, but I have also seen others that incorporate a lot more images which can have a great impact as well.

instagram fridge magnets
Just B

The amazingly awesomely creative and talented Kootoyoo over at Just B has an easy peasy tutorial for creating fridge magnets from your Instagram shots. I love how simple this idea is to execute and I love the freedom of being able to play around with different layouts as well.

coathangers and clipboards

Ladies & Gentlemen | The Painted Blackbird

Over at Ladies & Gentlemen, Jean & Dylan found a great way to display prints, especially if you are renters and handy with wood. Of course, you can simply use the hangers on their own, minus the shelving.

Kim at The Painted Blackbird is a bit like me in that she’s got a major crush on old fashioned clipboards (I’m actually using some in an exhibition later in December – I’ll post about it on my blog Look See, so check back if you’re interested in having a gander at how they look in that kind of setting.)

Both of these ideas are great for creating a vintagey kind of vibe and you can find them online or in op shops.

polaroid bulldog clips
The Creative Mama

Stacey posted the bulldog clip idea over at The Creative Mama. This is a great option again for renters (or if you just don’t want to mess up your freshly painted walls) – you can find scrap pieces of wood (keep them as is, or paint them), hammer in the nails and attach your photos with the clips. Then use 3M tape to attach to the wall. No muss no fuss.

So there you have it, just a few ideas for displaying your travel (or any kind) of photos – the tip of the iceberg no doubt. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on Pinterest for more!

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About the guest poster:

I’m Naomi Fenton – a high school teacher, artist and photographer from the North-West Coast of Tasmania. I love creating pieces of work that celebrate the small details and I delight in nostalgia. I share some of my work and inspiration on my blog Look See.

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