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Morning, friends! Have you had a good week so far? I’m feeling very inspired, having just started Blog Boss, one of Decor8‘s Blogging Your Way classes.

As you know, I already have a big redesign happening here behind the scenes. I have high hopes that this course will give me even more ideas that I can use to bring you the best blog I can and to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

If you’re one of my fellow students popping over, welcome and thanks for stopping by! Don’t be thrown by all the travel photos in the last couple of weeks of posts; I’m not a travel or photography blog, it’s just a result of my recent overseas trip. You can get a better idea of my regular content by checking out the category list over to your right in the sidebar.

Blogging Your Way - Blog Boss

Tell me, have you taken any classes lately or taken up a new hobby?

It’s a great way to stretch yourself and shake up your routine a little, don’t you think?


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  • Hello from a fellow BYW student!

    I, too, am very excited for class! And I have to add…I love the name of your blog! It’s fantastic!


    • Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely words, Stacey. See you in class!

  • Good luck with the class Alicia! I took one of Holly’s classes a while back and would have loved to have done this one too, but didn’t think I’d have enough time this month. You’ll have to let me know what it’s like when it’s finished so that I can think about taking it next time!

    • Happy to hear you’ve enjoyed one of the previous classes. For sure, will do!

  • i have heard great things about her courses – i hope you will share some of what you learn if you can.

    I have started pouring myself into creative hobbies so have just signed up for 2 art courses online – brave girls art school and a course with Jeanne Oliver. I am rediscovering my childhood passion – art.

    • Hi Deb, I’d heard great things too and I’m happy to report that it’s exceeded my expectations already! I obviously won’t be able to share anything from the murky copyright waters, but of course more than happy to talk about what my experience has been and perhaps how it will affect the blog.

      The courses sound brilliant – good for you!

  • Hi Alicia,

    I just discovered your blog through BYW and it’s gorgeous!

    My favourites are your reuse/upcycling tips and your DIYS – so much great content :)

    Looking forward to becoming a regular reader.

    Serena xx

    • Hi Serena

      While I’m not a regular reader (the only reason being that I don’t have pets!) I have seen you pop up in various places and have admired your professional look and quality content from afar. Thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  • Hey Alicia,
    another BYW student here! I was intrigued from the beggining because the name of your blog is so catchy! I just needed to check it out! And I really liked it! I loved the gifts & favours sessions (since my blog is about that I was always check it first) and the organizing session (I`m not at all organized, I just love to look at that!)
    Great meeting you and your blog!
    Rosa – Le Paquet

    • Thanks for popping over, Rosa! You’re in luck – I’m actually planning to do a lot more gift and wrapping ideas.

  • Howdie Alicia!
    Popping in from the BYW forum to say “hi” and let you know I love your blog – I’ve actually been lurking for quite some time now and always find your posts inspiring!
    So lovely to meet you!

    • Ah-HA, so that’s what it takes to make the lurkers come out 😉

      Funny, you just caught me checking out your blog too. It’s really gorgeous, look forward to seeing more!

  • Nice to meet you! I’m taking the course as well. :) I love taking courses for my passions, and am so ready to start my new blog with a specific focus.

    • Hey Tazim, good luck with the new blog! If it’s about your passions, it will show and readers will respond to it.

  • Just another BYW student stopping by to say hello! Your blog has a great feel to it. Looking forward to exploring it more! –Rachael

    • Hi Rachael, thanks for saying hi! I do love a girl who likes making over her home.

  • Hi, I’m a fellow BYW student and self-proclaimed stationery junkie (I had to look!!). You have a lovely blog :)

    • Holy Lightroom, Batman! How freaking amazing are your food photography and tutorials?! I have gone and subscribed to everything you have available to subscribe to.

  • Hello, I’m glad to discover your blog via “Blogging your way”!

    I also want a new design for my blog and this e-course will be ideal to encourage us to this change !

    • Céline, your work is so beautiful! When you update your design I hope you’ll keep all the pen and ink handwriting, it looks great :)

      Here’s to good changes!

  • Yes Alicia, would love to hear what you think of the course once it’s done! x

  • Hi Alicia, am a fellow BYW student (and fellow Aussie) and looking forward to lots of inspiration and blogging ideas in the coming weeks. Your blog is lovely x

    • Thanks Amanda – AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

  • I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes! Last year I took a one day photography course with Tim Coulson and a one day Arts Business course at the local uni campus. It has made me hungry for more study! I’m thinking of cutting back on my day job next year so that I can fit it in. Hopefully the finances will allow it – it’s driving me crazy!

    • Good on you for being motivated to keep learning and improving. Fingers crossed you can make it happen!

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