Tea & coffee station

About this time last year, we installed a small rack in an awkward, unused corner of the kitchen to form a tea & coffee station.

It has been working quite well, but it still meant I had to go to various drawers, shelves and cupboards for some of the essentials like teaspoons, mugs and sugar. Actually, the term ‘station’ was probably a bit of an overstatement now that I think about it.

I didn’t want all these little things cluttering up the kitchen benchtop and having to move them to wipe up every day. What I needed was a tray (“You’ll need a tray!”).

Tea & coffee station

Turns out I had the perfect thing already under my nose, in the form of this adorable strawberry crate that I bought for this shoot. There’s lots of red and a bit of green in the kitchen already, plus I’ve been wanting to add some natural textures to soften the stark whiteness so it couldn’t have worked out better!

I already had the mason jar, sugar dish, milk jug, mugs and hooks (the latter I borrowed from the spice rack) so it was a totally free project. Gotta love that!

Tea & coffee station

We only use the milk jug and sugar for guests now (I’ve succeeded in one of my 2013 goals to eliminate sugar from my coffee – go me!) but I still wanted to have that all in the same place too. When we entertain I can now just remove the kettle, add some teacups and take the whole tray into the lounge.

I love how streamlined the process is now. Sure, it only saves a few seconds, but instead of needlessly fussing about getting out my coffee making things, I can do something more useful like put away last night’s clean dishes or open some mail.

The only thing I haven’t managed to find a solution for is the teabags. They’re currently in a divided box in the pantry – it’s too large to fit here as is, and I quite like how it separates the flavours so I’m not sure what I will do about that yet.

Tell us: how do you store your hot drink essentials? Convenient and out in the open or neatly tucked out of sight?


10 Responses

  • Wow! I love the idea of a coffee/tea station! I think maybe I should think about doing that in my house! Meanwhile…no sugar in your coffee??!! I’m so impressed. I don’t think I could give that up.

    • Thanks Stacey! It’s really handy and I love that it’s achievable in any home.

      Oh yes, I’m quite impressed with myself actually haha! I gave up artificial sweeteners (and my Coke Zero habit) cold turkey late last year. I didn’t want to simply replace everything with real sugar, so I’ve been trying to cut it down wherever possible. So far so good!

  • The Man

    “I’ll have the penne al’a arrabiata” “You’ll need a tray” ……….. “Do you know who I am? I am Vader. Darth Vader, Lord Vader. I can kill you with a single thought” ……… “Well you’ll still need a tray.” GOLD!

    • You may be the only person who got the reference, so I’m glad you appreciated it 😉

  • I just love this! Brilliant idea :)

    • Thanks!

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