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I’m about to head off to a product photo shoot for some new Akimbo wedding invitations (squee!) but first I wanted to pop in with an update regarding the Decor8 Blog Boss course, since I know many of you were keen to find out more.

Firstly, it should be said that I had previously never done any online course, in-person blogging class or conference. So I had nothing to compare it to… except my own ridiculously high standards.

From the moment I logged on for the first lesson I was impressed with the professional setup and support and I continued to be blown away with each lesson. Holly’s dedication and 100% commitment particularly impressed me. All of the classes were prepared specifically for this course and often on the day of the lesson so we knew we were getting fresh and up-to-date content – so important in such a rapidly-evolving industry like blogging.

Holly’s guest teachers Irene Hoofs of Bloesem and Steffi Luxat of Ohhh Mhhh provided an excellent perspective on topics within their expertise. In particular, Steffi’s advice on thinking of your blog like a magazine set off so many light bulb moments that it felt like there was a strobe light in my head.

While the content of the lessons alone would have been worth the cost of the course, there was also some amazing value in the student forums, in the form of advice, feedback and networking.

Like all classes, you only get out of it what you put in. It didn’t take long to get through the classes, but spending time in the forums, putting effort into your homework and actually implementing what you’ve learned does require a level of commitment.

Speaking of implementing, I have done a TON of work, but most of it is behind-the-scenes and won’t be published until the upcoming relaunch. I did the moodboard above as part of week 3’s homework, then in week 4 I actually scrapped my nearly-complete site design because the branding and navigation wasn’t doing it for me. The new direction feels right and I am totally jazzed about it all – can’t wait to reveal all!

Blog Boss was a fantastic course and I will definitely be doing more of Holly’s Blogging Your Way classes in future.

If you have any questions about my experience, feel free to ask in the comments!

P.S. I did the moodboard above with only the intention of using it personally, so I didn’t note the sources as I normally would. I feel terrible about not crediting properly (in fact I hesitated in writing this post for that reason), so if you are the owner of any of the images featured in the collage, please email me and I will add the credit. Thanks for your understanding!


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  • One of the things I liked best about the course was finding other awesome and inspirational blogs like yours. I thought it was really encouraging for a blogging newbie like myself to meet other bloggers.

    • I agree, Jennifer, it was fantastic to be introduced to all these great new blogs and the people behind them.

  • I couldn’t agree more with you two!

    Alicia I’ve been looking at your Salzburg photos and oh my… how I miss it! I lived in Austria for a while when I was a university student and this country is still in my heart <3

    • Hey Margarida, thanks for stopping by! Your blog is lovely, especially the photos. Salzburg was one of my favourite places to visit :)

  • I really learned a lot from this course as well! Love your moodboard – such a great, visual way to picture how you want your blog to look. I admit that I didn’t get around to that assignment for my new (2nd) blog.

    • Thanks Tazim! I found this exercise so helpful. I just had a peek at your new blog – great start and can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  • Hi Alicia,
    First congrats on the Blog Awards nomination. Do you have an update?

    I am interested in this blogging course but cannot find it! Must be the blonde in me, but I am sure I will find it eventually. Would you recommend it for newbies?

    • Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by! The judging for my category isn’t for another couple of months so no news on that front yet.

      You can find info on Holly’s classes here: She’s only running a couple this year since she’s busy writing a book. The next one is a photography for blogging course which is in October/November. There’s a newsletter than you can sign up for to receive updates. There are a few different classes, the one I did (Blog Boss) was a bit more advanced but I believe the Blogging Your Way one is for all levels. Hope that helps!

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