I can’t believe it’s May again, which means that it’s Birthday Month here at Atypical Type A. It’s not only the blog’s birthday (3 years this week!) but also my birthday, The Man’s birthday and my business‘s birthday.

So it’s time to celebrate! This month we will be talking all things parties and gifts. If you have any questions or dilemmas on either of these topics, please feel free to email me or to drop a comment below or over on our Facebook page and I’ll be sure to answer what I can.

For a bit of fun, I thought we’d kick things off with what’s on my wishlist this year. Do you spy any things that you have your little eye on?

Atypical Type A birthday wish list

My existing case doesn’t hold quite everything so I want this Apple & Bee cosmetic case.

I’m too lazy to do my nails the old fashioned way so I’m dying to get an electric nail buffer.

Are you as much of a fan of Young House Love as I am?

Canon 50mm lens pleasepleasepleaseplease?

I adore statement necklaces but haven’t bought a new one in so long. This ModCloth necklace would be perfect to freshen up my wardrobe.

My friend Georgina has an awesome new accessories business called Gulp & Gasp. The foxy bag is my fave.

I found out about the Modern Art Desserts book while ordering the Mondrian cake at SFMOMA.


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