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Most organising gurus will tell you that you should pack up your clothes at the end of each season and rotate in the new season’s clothes. It makes sense: why have to sort through a whole bunch of items to find something that’s seasonally appropriate, right?

But what happens when (as occurred last week here in Adelaide) our steadily dropping late-Autumn temperatures suddenly shot back up to the low 30s (celcius)? Me, I simply pulled out my summer jammies and whichever t-shirt or summer dress I felt like wearing from the same place in my closet where they can normally be found.

Not a blip on my day. Whereas it would have been an unnecessary hassle if I had to pull out a few summer outfits from storage.

Here are a few reasons why I prefer not to rotate my clothes:

  • Things are always in the same place so you know where you put them and find them.
  • Many clothes are versatile (eg. wear tights under your skirts in cooler weather, wear jeans all year round and layer tank tops and cardigans according to the weather).
  • You don’t have to have a secondary space for storage.
  • You don’t have to dig into your stored items to find clothing for travelling to different climates throughout the year.
  • It saves the time of rotating your clothes four times a year.

Of course, we don’t have very extreme seasons here in Adelaide so that could play a part in why it works for me. And there may be reasons why you swear by rotating your wardrobe.

But I know that for me personally, my own experience goes against most of the advice out there so I wanted to share this reminder that it’s all about creating systems that work for you.

How about you, are you a rotater or a year-rounder when it comes to your wardrobe?


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  • I stopped rotating about two years ago. With climate change it doesn’t really make sense anymore! And in Ireland you could get four seasons in the same day…

    I also think a lot of clothes are versatile, most are kinda ‘mid-season’ things than you can add layers to when it gets colder.

    Only problem is that your wardrobe gets pretty full that way, so you have to be really strict about only buying things you’ll actually wear :o)

    • Totally agree Alice, I prefer buying clothes that can be layered year-round. I am going through a big clear-out at the moment and trying to only keep the items I love and wear frequently. Hopefully I can keep it that way!

  • I agree Alicia! Although being in Melbourne we don’t get the extremes of other places either. But I also like to layer up my spring/summer clothes in autumn/winter for a bit of a ‘happy burst’ as I must prefer the warmer weather, so they serve as a nice reminder on a gloomy day.
    Ashleigh xxoo

    • So true! I love throwing a lightweight spring scarf over a winter turtleneck when I know I’m going to be inside and don’t need the extra warmth of a woolly scarf.

  • I’m a Sydney girl but I live in London now – and back home I would never have rotated my wardrobe but because weather in the UK is a lot more extreme (actual seasons, what?!) then I have rotated my wardrobe a bit. There’s no point leaving big sweaters and knit dresses hanging if I can make room for other things. It is hard to know what that point is though – apparently last week it was snowing in southern England and it’s the end of May already…!

    • Great to hear the perspective of someone who lives in a more extreme climate. The ‘when’ to do it is the trickiest part!

  • As a Professional Organiser here in Adelaide I understand your comments about putting away clothes with the season. I do however rotate my clothes by the season as I don’t have a huge walk in robe and storage in my cupboards is limited. I leave transeasonal clothes out all year long because I like to layer, but extreme winter and summer get stored away appropriately. Thanks!!

    • Thanks for chiming in with your expert opinion Sarah! Your approach sounds like a great compromise – keep most clothes on hand but store the ‘extremes’ e.g. beach gear and heavy coats. P.S. Some fab inspiration over on your blog, well done.

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