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How are you this fine Monday? I have to admit I’m struggling a little this morning after a very busy weekend. We picked up our new car and went for a couple of nice drives, enjoyed some family time and a concert, plus someone from the newspaper came to take photos of me for an article!

Somehow, we also managed to squeeze in a small project that I’d been wanting to do for some time.

I still like this framed lotus embroidery that I bought in Vietnam but I really wanted to put up some more photos and this spot (the landing at the top of the stairs) was the logical place for them.

I loved the idea of using picture ledges instead of a gallery wall so that I can switch it up. Ikea has some cheap ledges but the smaller size was discontinued in South Australia (grr!) but I ended up finding some on sale at Freedom. While they were more expensive (even on sale) I do love the fact that they’re all in one solid piece and they have a high-end glossy finish.

gallery wall during

Anyway, so on to how to install them. (This is all The Man’s domain so I can’t take any credit for these instructions.)

The wall in question is only plasterboard (drywall) so we used a studfinder to locate the one and only stud and used that as the centre point for the bracket. For the screws at either end where there was no stud, we used anchor screws which expand and lock into the plasterboard so there’s a solid place to screw into.

gallery wall during

Hey presto, one shelf…

gallery wall during

…and two.

Meanwhile, I was selecting some photos to print. Tomorrow I will show the finished result with the framed photos.


3 Responses

  • Katy

    Good job “The Man ” !!!!!!

  • The Man

    Cheers Katy! Glad Alicia didn’t show behind the second shelf where there’s about 4 anchor plates too many as I stuffed up the measurements!! LOL

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