autumn sideboard

I picked up these gorgeous branches from Poppies Flowers for my recent pie buffet photo shoot (more photos of that coming soon). One of the bonuses of doing shoots like these is keeping the flowers (and food!). With the leftover pie well and truly taken care of, I turned my attention to the florals (using that term loosely in this case of course).

I love how the rusty red berries set off against the very neutral (for me) setting. Then I realised it reminded me a bit of something…

autumn cushions

My Marimekko cushion! What a funny coincidence.

I don’t normally do a lot of seasonal decorating (people who do: you must tell me where you store everything the rest of the year!) but I think this is the perfect low-key and no-clutter display for what is the final week of Autumn (Fall) here.

Do you switch up your decor according to seasons or a you more of a perennial decorator?


2 Responses

  • Found you via the newspaper, thought I’d take a quick look.
    I have the same question as you about people redecorating each season…where do they store all the off season stuff? Even when I lived in a house, (I’ve lived in 3-4-5 bedrooms)I still wouldn’t have had the space. Now I have a one bedroom flat and there isn’t even a linen press.

    • Thanks for stopping by to have a look!
      Seasonal flowers (and branches, fruit etc) is a good way to go because it doesn’t require storage. You can also switch out cushion covers (they take up very little room). Apart from that, my decor is pretty much the same all year!

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