Nespresso machine

To round out Birthday Month, how about a peek at a very special pressie?!

The Man (whose birthday is 6 days after mine) and I received a coffee machine from his family for our birthdays. Hooray!

My father-in-law was chatting to me quizzing me about coffee makers a few weeks ago. In hindsight clearly doing a bit of sneaky research however I was completely oblivious and thought he was asking for advice to upgrade their machine. How clueless am I?

Regardless, I still managed to convey that in the (to my knowledge, hypothetical) situation of us getting a coffee machine it would need to be a very compact piece to fit in our kitchen. A great hulking appliance was not going to work in our little nook!

I also wanted one that uses pods because coffee grinds can get messy (I used to work in an office that had a regular espresso machine and my coffee was cold by the time I had cleaned up). The bonus of pods is that you can have multiple flavours on hand and they’ll always be kept fresh.

Nespresso machine

My clever in-laws chose the Nespresso U D50 with separate milk frother. Look how slim the profile is – it fits perfectly in our tea/coffee station and the milk frother stores easily in the cupboard below.

We had been thinking of getting a coffee machine one day – perhaps as a 30th present request next year – but we were very surprised by the generous gift.

Working at home it really is a lovely treat every morning to have a proper coffee instead of the regular instant.


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating Birthday Month with me! I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging for three years. My longest full-time job was three years and I was hating it by the end and I still love blogging so that’s a good sign!

What did you think of this month’s Book Nook Things I Love by Megan Morton? Share your thoughts over on the review if you’ve read it!

June’s theme is going to be bedrooms, so if you have any questions about closet decluttering/organisation, jewellery/accessory storage, bed linens, bedroom decorating or similar please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


8 Responses

  • Oh, I crave a Nespresso machine! It’s one of those things that I won’t buy for myself but have unashamedly (and evidently futilely) dropped hints to my family.

    About June’s theme: my guilt secret is that I sent my sheets out to be ironed. BLISS!

    • Maybe you have some credit card or frequent flyer rewards that could be put to good use?

      Ooooh how divine – I don’t even my clothes!

  • The sneaky F in L

    A pleasure to give but also get nice coffee when we come over.

    • Haha yes it’s the gift that keeps giving back to the givers 😉

  • I have a Nespresso and it’s the best BEST thing ever! Love it to bits!

    • I’m making one now 😉

  • I have already discussed my love of this with you over Twitter (we have the same machine!). I held out for so long- everyone had one on the team but me and then Mr Polka walked off and bought one one day as I had been going on about it for so long!

    I know it isn’t barista coffee, my gosh it tastes good first thing in the morning compared to my old instant!

    • Better keep on about other things you want and hope he does the same thing with them 😉

      For sure, it feels like such an indulgent treat every morning!

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