Hello and welcome if you’re new here after reading the newspaper article in The Advertiser!

The other day I had my first newspaper feature! They got my blog name wrong and didn’t even mention what my blog is about which is a bit disappointing, but hey, you know what they say about exposure.

You can click on the image to read the full article from The Adelaide Advertiser or you can read the online version.

The other crazy news is that I was filmed for a television interview yesterday!! It was my first time on camera and I was so nervous (don’t they know that’s why I’m a blogger, because I prefer hiding behind a computer?!). It’s for a local tabloid current affairs program and I’m not sure when it will go to air yet.

So yes it has been all a bit bizarre around here this week!


2 Responses

  • Wow! Good work Alicia! Definitely share the tv interview too if you can. Would love to see it. x

    • Thanks Jane! It will only be aired in Adelaide so I’ll have to see if they do an online version.

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