It just occurred to me that in three years I’ve never shown you a floorplan of our home! So here it is, to give you an idea of how the space is laid out.

As you know, it’s quite a compact little townhouse with two bedrooms and a courtyard. The wall on the right is shared with the neighbouring townhouse but we never hear them (unlike the previous tenant, who had a fondness for screaming matches with her family and boyfriend). Along the other exterior wall runs a shared walkway where we keep the bins.

We have a small patch of grass and a carport out the front but it’s all open as a communal area (we’re in a big unit block) so we don’t use the front ‘yard’. Unfortunately we’re also not allowed to do much with the exterior of the building, hence the 10+ year old coat of blue paint flaking off the woodwork.

The layout is pretty typical of a townhouse of this age (mid-70s) in our city although some of them have an extra toilet in the laundry which we sadly don’t have. Having guests go through the laundry to access the courtyard isn’t ideal of course (again, typical of the time) so we try to keep it tidy and I decorate it with art and potplants to make it feel less utilitarian.

Downstairs is all floating timber floorboards, except the kitchen and laundry which are tiled in white (but we do plan to replace them with matching floorboards at some stage to help it flow better). The landing and bedrooms upstairs are carpeted in a neutral beige colour.

The kitchen and master bedroom are both of a good size. The living area feels a bit cramped but that’s more due to our oversized furniture (we bought with future homes in mind) than the actual size. The second bedroom (my studio) is very small which can get a bit frustrating since I spend about 50 hours a week in there so an airy, spacious studio is high up on my future home wishlist!

The fill colour is the wall paint of each room. It looks truly awful when you look at it like this though! I think I’ll have to add in other swatches to give a better idea of the overall colour palette (which is much less 70s forest-y than the plan indicates) including furnishings and accessories. (I couldn’t get the shade of brown in the bedroom quite right either, it’s much greyer and less poo-coloured in real life, I promise.)

I figure the plan is fairly self-explanatory but let me know if you have any questions about how the space works.


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